Crush the Skull     Ninja Crush/ Cherry Sky Films  Director: Viet Nyugen

Unbelievable!!!!          Archangel Films                 Director: Stephen Fawcette

Beauty in the Broken  David and Pele prod.        Director: Max Leonida

Crazy Bitches             McQueen Prod.                Director: Jane Clark

Angel                         independent.                    Director: Richie Styles 

B Society                   independent.                    Director: Paolo Frassinito

To Redemption          independent.                    Director: Alexia Oldini



Womack                   Burning Bush Films           Director: Andre Wilkins 

*HBO & HBO On Demand*

Killing Slashers         NYFA                                Director: Jaqui Lin

Tourtilla                    Independent                     Director: Alex Evans

Shoe Shine Chicken Independent                     Director: Fernando Cuestas

*Festival De Cannes **Best short-Coney Island Film Festival  ***Best short- New York film festival

Serial School              Independent                  Director: Jeremiah Kipp

Narci Masichmo        Independent                    Director: Skyler Barlett

Sixguns Blazing       University of Virginia         Director: Justin Duke*

(*Storyboard Artist)



Play it Again, Dick     Warner Brothers/ CW     Director: Viet Nguyen/ Rob Thomas

Unusual Suspects    Discovery Channel         Director: Robert Wise & David Hogan 

Tales of the Frontier Law Dog Productions     Director: Tino Luciano



N.O.I.P                   N.O.I.P                         Director: Paul Emerson

Tesla Cars            Tesla                            Director: Shariar Rahman

Coke short film series Coke Zero              Director: Ryan Maples

*Festival De Cannes

Bartenura Moscato   Bartenura                 Director: Fernando Cuestas 

New Artist Series    Play Network              Director: Tim Kirkman

D'avinci's Clock     Independent                Director: Akiko Izumitani

Arrow Suit         Arrow Suits INTL.             Director: Andrew Margetson

Find the Children    Smash Network         Director: Fiorella Occhipinti



Reasons to be pretty     Set Design              Michael Woolson Theater  Dir: Michael Woolson

Therapy                         Set Design              Sacred Rose Theater        Dir: Jeff Berndhart



Born in Bahtia        Shy Lips/ American Painkillers     Director: Henry Caplan

Yard Sale              Neon Hitch/Ambitious Media        Director: Charlie Zwick

When the Lights go out Will Sparks/ Atlantic Records   Director: Mitch Partridge

Luz en la Obscuridad    Radio Elay/ Independent       Director: Justin Memovich

All my Luv                     Swing FX/ Independent        DIrector: Nicholas Hemphill



Studied Illustration and theater history, experienced builder and draftswoman, illustrator, storyboards, experienced producer, have tools, have crew if necessary, Valid Passport, Drivers license.

Eloise Ayala 415-823-3435